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From "Joshua Slive" <jos...@slive.ca>
Subject Re: apache.de (datasink.webmonster.de) going down permanently
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 13:14:47 GMT
On 6/1/07, Karsten W. Rohrbach <karsten@rohrbach.de> wrote:
> Dear Apache mirroring folks,
> the mirror on datasink.webmonster.de (apache.de) will go down on
> 2007-06-19, permanently. As I can see, the box is no longer listed in
> the mirroring status section of the web site, so I guess it's not really
> important to open a ticket for this.
> Sidenote: Somehow, I expect to be contacted if somethings going wrong or
> whatnot. This has not happened. Thanks, but no thanks, for removing the
> former heavy-traffic European/German mirror silently without telling me
> one single word. This sucks.

In fact, you were notified by an email to this list on March 8 2007
that your mirror (along with around 90 others) were being removed
because your rsyncs were failing due to the use of an rsync repository
that had been deprecated for several years. This note should have also
been copied to your personal address, but I'm not sure if it was. In
any case, the message to the list, along with the fact that your rsync
connection was failing for several months, should have been sufficient
notice in my opinion.

Anyway, thanks for providing the mirror.


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