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From "Gav...." <brightoncomput...@brightontown.com.au>
Subject Some out of date mirrors will be removed soon.
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 11:19:51 GMT
Hi All,

Please check the list below, if you are the maintainer of one of them, 
please reply and let us know the status of your mirror, if you have 
problems you need help with, or if you are no longer providing a 
mirror service.

The mirrors status page [1] reveals the following problem mirror sites:-

apache.mirrors.northco.net - FTP - Over 30 days with successful sync or

apache.easy-webs.de - HTTP - Over 50 days without successful sync - I know
this has been looked at before, please remind me of the problem.

apache.progen.com.tr - HTTP - Over 84 days without successful sync or

apache.bilkent.edu.tr - HTTP - Over 82 days without successful sync or

apache.edgescape.com - HTTP - Over 18 days without successful sync or

apache.downlod.in - HTTP - Over 30 days without successful sync or

The above failures are not good, and will have to be removed very soon if
not fixed. Please advise here what is happening.

There are others that are currently failing, but have not quite reached the
timeline where we consider pulling the plug, please check the mirrors page
[1] and make sure your not having problems.

If you are not on the above list, as always, keep up the good work :)



[1] - http://www.apache.org/mirrors/

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