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From Daniel Lang <la...@in.tum.de>
Subject RIP ftp.leo.org
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:10:23 GMT
Dear friends,

after more than 10 years, ftp.leo.org has finally shut down its
public FTP service. The amount of mirrors has already been drastically
reduced in the last 2 years anyway. So from a peak time
of more than 150 mirrors and a peak throughput around 1 TB/day
the mirrors had been reduced to a selected handful.

Since there is no staff to care about it for a long while, the hardware
is failing and finally the LEO project itself became independent of
TU Muenchen and is concentrating on its most successful service
(the online dictionaries), we decided it is time to shut down ftp.leo.org
for good.

Could you please remove all references to ftp.leo.org from your mirror lists
and from your DNS aliases.

Could you as well, please, remove all e-email addresses with the @leo.org
domain from your mirror-notification lists.

Many thanks for your help and cooperation in all these years, it was
fun while it lasted.

All the best,
IRCnet: Mr-Spock         - ceterum censeo Microsoftinem esse delendam -  
 Daniel Lang * dlang@unog.ch * +41 22 9172192 * http://www.leo.org/~dl/

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