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From Subredu Manuel <dia...@iasi.roedu.net>
Subject Simba is now in Debian
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 18:56:52 GMT
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 After 1 month of waiting, Simba is now a official debian unstable
package. Those of you who have debian unstable can give it a try using
'apt-get install simba' . What is Simba ?
 Simba is _the mirroring tool_ who help you to get more control over the
mirrored content and (most importantly) more control over the reports
you can generate using the mirrored content data.
 Using Simba, you can:
  *) create web pages with mirrors status;
  *) create web pages with mirror details;
  *) generate RSS feeds;
  *) generate Google sitemaps;
  *) generate rsync configuration files;
  *) ... and more
 Simba is extensible and has a dynamic plugin system. If you have some
knowledge of perl, you can write your own plugins and extend Simba as
you wish.
 Simba has his own website (a wiki; http://simba.packages.ro). The
website is the meeting place for all those who wish to read more about
Simba and (why not) to contribute.
 As a reminder, Simba is released under the terms of GNU/GPL license so
you can use it without problems.

- --
 inf. Manuel SUBREDU
 Network Engineer at RoEduNet Iasi

 Phone:     +40 (232) 201007
            +40 (742) 088067
 Email:     diablo@iasi.roedu.net
 website:   http://www.packages.ro
 GPG key:   http://www.packages.ro/diablo.gpg.txt
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