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From "WNPOWER.COM" <hostmas...@wnpower.com>
Subject Mirror (Argentina)
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 01:04:51 GMT


I created a mirror in Argentina (apache.wnpower.com).

Is it possible to add me?
  URL of mirror: http://apache.wnpower.com
  Country where the mirror is located: Argentina
  Contact email address: hostmaster@wnpower.com
  Update frequency: daily at 1:50 and 13:50 hs
  Rsync repository used: rsync.apache.org
  Approximate bandwidth: 100 Mbit
  I have configured my HTTP server as requested: Yes
  I have subscribed to the mirror maintainers mailing list: Yes

  Logo: http://www.wnpower.com/mirror_apache.gif
  URL: http://www.wnpower.com
Sinceresly Thanks.

Federico Alvarez
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