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From <fi...@forall.pl>
Subject Re: Mirrors
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:16:04 GMT


You have some right Joshua but I think that many people after 10 days
waiting without any reply would think that you simple do not need new
mirrors and delete their mirrors.
We are not going to delete it, but if our mirror will not be used we also
don't want to waste 10GB of space. (if fact it is 20GB because server
is running on RAID)

13/3/2006, "Joshua Slive" <joshua@slive.ca> napisał/a:

>All mirror issues in the issue tracker are handled, but it may take up
>to a month or more since the mirror administration volunteers (errr...
>me) are rather busy.  The delay also helps to weed out mirrors that
>ask to be listed and then shortly disappear or stop updating.
>Fabiran: There are certainly no outstanding issues from 2005.  So it
>is most likely that you didn't respond to a request we made to fix a
>broken config.
>On 3/13/06, Fabian <fabian@lug-norderstedt.de> wrote:
>> Hi Marcin
>> we have add a new mirror in dez. 2005 and create a tracker and still have no
>> replay......
>> I think the apache mirror team need no support // new mirrors .....
>> I delete the apache mirror on my ftp // http site.
>> Fabian
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>> From: <firma@forall.pl>
>> To: <mirrors@apache.org>
>> Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 5:08 PM
>> Subject: Mirrors
>> Hello,
>> Is anybody checking issues tracker (INFRASTRUCTURE\mirrors) ?? We adde
>> new event with polish mirror about 10 days ago and still have no reply.
>> Marcin
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