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From Alexander Leonov <a.leo...@sh.cvut.cz>
Subject Re: mirroring tool
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 09:42:32 GMT
Subredu Manuel wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to make an annoucement. The tool used by RoEduNet Iasi to
>sync the mirrors and make the mirror reports 
>is available to the public. The name of the tool is simba, and the 
>web site is http://simba.packages.ro . Simba, is developed by me, 
>and it has been used in production for 6 months at RoEduNet Iasi. 
> If you have some spare time, give it a try :) I would appreciate 
>any feedback (positive or negative) and sugestions.

Your Simba looks very good. And have some good features. Im using my own 
written scripts (still underconstruction):
U can see some sources there (I'm beginner in bash scripting :-/ ). 
Scripts are generating nice web page with simple status:
And some rrd graphs:
for each mirror modul.
Maybe u can find there some inspiration and upgrade your Simba.

Good luck with developing.

Alexander Leonov
Silicon Hill, Czech Republic

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