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From michele <hostmas...@publicshout.org>
Subject Re: Mirrors under attack?
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:24:21 GMT
I experienced that behavior several times. The solution I chose is
to throttle connections from the same ip.

Mind that he could just be some guy trying to fetch the whole repos
before asking to be subscribed. This isn't the right way to do it, but I
guess they simply find master sources slower.


On 15/set/05, at 20:33, Thorsten Neckel wrote:

> Hi!
>> I usually block the
>> offending class C via iptables/pf and go from there.  (Flushing blocks
>> every 6 months).
> Currently I use Order Deny,Allow via .htaccess to block such subnets.
>> I have the same problem here, but looks like is a spybot, just like 
>> the google
>> or altavista uses to search pages.
> Not in my case. They download the whole file.
>> looks like it does not consume a lot of resources,
> No, about 1 GByte every 30 minutes. At time writing the only solution 
> is to block these guys.
> regards
> thorsten

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