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From "Black_Wolf" <ENF_F...@Yahoo.Ca>
Subject End Of UWHDC Mirror (For Now)
Date Sat, 15 Jan 2005 05:02:29 GMT
I did not want it to have to come to this,
but due to hardware limits, our server is
currently overloaded.

Our current server has hardware limits,
on a very good network with fast speeds.

Server Specs:

Intel P4 3.0 Ghz (Low FrontBus)
1 Gb Ram

The mirror will remain online, until it is removed
from the mirror list. I appoligize for the small life,
of this mirror. The only reason why i mirror apache,
is cause its the only thing i use (the best) and i feel
i have something to contribute when possible.

We are in the proccess of looking for
a new provider and hope to be back (longterm),
starting sometime nextmonth.

Once again, UWHDC (HTTP) mirror will remain until,
it is offically removed from the list and nolonger being accessed.

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