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From "Wilhelm Lehmann" <wilh...@namibnet.com>
Subject RE: FW: New Mirror : apache.namibia.na - Symlink issue resolved ...
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 20:22:51 GMT
Joshua, and all affected users.

I would like to extend my apology to everyone that was affected by this, and
would like to assure you all it won't happen again.

It seems that by moving my RedHat mirror to the same box as the Apache
mirror, I didn't take into account, that my bash script used to do the
rsync, is the same script (for RH and Apache), and used the same .lock file.
My RedHat and Apache mirror scripts then used the same files, and every time
my RedHat mirror ran, it wrote the killed the Apache file, and my Apache
script didn't detect that the rsync session was running, and started a new

Once again apologies for disrupting your connections, and hope my
explanation offers you all some resolution on the issue.

I do take full responsibility for this. Taking shortcuts is not the
acceptable, and I have been preaching this to my staff, and here I go and do
it :-(,

I do hope that if there is no objections our mirror status can be restored.


Wilhelm Lehmann

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From: Joshua Slive [mailto:joshua@slive.ca]
Sent: 12 November 2004 16:57
To: mirrors@apache.org
Cc: wilhelm@namibnet.com
Subject: Re: FW: New Mirror : apache.namibia.na - Symlink issue resolved


Your mirror was making rsync connections every hour and then holding
them indefinitely.  This tied up all the rsync slots on
rsync.eu.apache.org.  Your site has therefore been banned from
connection to rsync.eu.apache.org in order to protect accessibility for
other sites.

Perhaps it would be best if you choise another way to support the apache
software foundation.  Some suggestions are here:



Wilhelm Lehmann wrote:
> URL of mirror : http://apache.namibia.na
> Country where the mirror is located  : Namibia / Africa
> Contact email address : sysadmin@namibnet.com
> Update frequency : Every 4 Hours
> Rsync repository used : rsync.eu.apache.org
> Approximate bandwidth : 2Mb/s (E1)
> I have followed the recommended configuration for my mirror (yes/no) :
> Yes
> Mirror also available ftp://apache.namibia.na/pub/apache
> URL of Logo : http://noc.namib.net/images/namlogo.gif
> Regards
> Wilhelm Lehmann
> Systems Administrator
> Namibnet, Namibia
> Tel / Fax / Mobile on request

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