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From "Matthew McGehrin -Reverse.Net-" <supp...@reverse.net>
Subject Re: New Apache Mirror
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:18:35 GMT
With about 6 gigs of data, and about 24K files, I would bet its
considerably larger than the qmail mirror.

It takes about 10 seconds (if that) to do a update for the apache

Because there are so many files, I suggest you run rsync with the

That should speed things up considerably.

-- Matthew

Ryan wrote:

> Somehow its taking longer then anyother rsync server i run.I also
> mirror for Qmail and it runs alot faster then this src.I might end of
> only being able to update every 10 hours due-to the time it takes to
> download from this certian src.

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