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From <li...@ipv4networks.com>
Subject new apache mirror in Argentina
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2004 00:01:25 GMT
Hi there,

I'd like to introduce you this new mirror in Argentina:

  a.. URL of mirror  :- http://apache.ipv4networks.com
  b.. Country where the mirror is located :- Argentina
  c.. Contact email address -: marcos@ipv4networks.com
  d.. Update frequency  - : Once per hour.
  e.. Rsync repository used  -: rsync.apache.org
  f.. Approximate bandwidth -:  4096mbps
  g.. I have followed the recommended configuration for my mirror (yes/no)  Yes
  h.. Logo to display: http://www.ipv4networks.com/image/apacheipv4.gif , and link: http://www.ipv4networks.com

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