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From Joshua Slive <jos...@slive.ca>
Subject Re: apache.alkar.net
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 13:32:21 GMT

On Fri, 21 May 2004, Alexander Ryumshin wrote:

> Hello,
> Is removal of not-up-to-date mirrors automatic?
> Do mirrors get back listed, when they're up to date again?

Mirrors are automatically removed and returned to the "preferred" mirror
list.  But the removal from the main list at
is manual, and will happen if you have too much red in the middle column.

> I ask because rsync hang again during mirroring and we got delisted.
> Please consider automatic checking like mysql.com does. They got us
> delisted just for the period of time when we were not in sync.

We don't remove from the main list mirrors that are bad for a short period
of time.  I believe yours was not updating for over two weeks.  Generally
when a mirror is gone for that long, it's not coming back.  And even if it
does, we need to question its reliability.  You also received an email at
the time of removal (May 13) notifying you of problems with your mirror.

At the moment, if I access your mirror from my computer (in Canada), it is
*extremely* slow.  Is there a reason for this?  I'd like to add your
mirror back, but our primary concern is having reliable mirrors.


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