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From Simon Valiquette <gulus-mir...@listes.USherbrooke.ca>
Subject gulus.USherbrooke.ca down this weekend
Date Fri, 14 May 2004 02:46:32 GMT


   It is just to warn you that my server will be down starting this friday 
at the end of the afternoon (eastern time).

   They will cut electricity in the machine room to remove asbestos 
(amiante or whatever you call it in your language) from the ceilling.

   I'll try to move the server somewhere else and keep it running, but 
since we will take this opportunity to do a kernel and hardware upgrade, it 
is simpler and safer to just unlist my mirror for the weekend.

   I can garantee that the server will be up and running normaly monday 
afternoon Eastern time, so I won't send another email to annonce it back 
monday unless you insist on it (or forget).

   Thank you,

Simon Valiquette

Linux is like a wigwam: no Windows, no Gates, Apache inside

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