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From "Andy Rowe" <apachemir...@roweboat.net>
Subject Re: Re[2]: The mirror's domain name changes.
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 21:35:56 GMT

As Joshua stated in an earlier posting,your mirror is still not responding.
When going to http://www.dnsstuff.com i ran a A name dns test for
http://apache.wildyou.net. I came to find out that only one of the 2 of your
dns servers where funtioning. The test i ran can be found at
from the looks of it, your dns configuration is the reason your mirror fails
to respond. The server i am talking about is
ns3.dope-brothers.com.wildyou.net   from what it seems your configuration
for the a name apache should be as follows.

wildyou.net.       IN           NS      ns3.dope-brothers.com.
wildyou.net.       IN           NS      saturn.interframe.ee.
wildyou.net.       IN           NS      PARK8.SECURESERVER.NET
apache              IN           A

That is what i think it should look like. It looked to me like you may have
forgot a period after wildyou.net

it should look like this     wildyou.net.  IN        NS

my dns config for my mirror    http://apache.roweboat.net looks like this

roweboat.net.   IN      NS   ns1.roweboat.net.
roweboat.net.   IN      NS   ns1.dnspark.com.
roweboat.net.   IN      NS   ns2.dnspark.com.

apache             IN      A

see if that helps    ;)

Andy Rowe
Rowes Webhosting

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Administrator" <root@dope-brothers.com>
To: "Joshua Slive" <mirrors@apache.org>
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 11:54 AM
Subject: Re[2]: The mirror's domain name changes.

> Hello Joshua,
> Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 6:53:32 PM, you wrote:
> JS> On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Administrator wrote:
> >> Hello mirrors,
> >>
> >>    As some people find in somewhat offensive our current domain
> >>    name, we have decided to put all our mirrors at more neutral
> >>    wildyou.net. Please, change link for our mirror from
> >>    http://apache.dope-brothers.com to http://apache.wildyou.net.
> >>    And our logo is here: http://wildyou.net/img/100x34.gif
> >>    Thanks in advance.
> >>
> >>    PS. My apologies, if you've received this message twice, I suspect
> >>    delivery failure.
> JS> Your mirror was previously removed from our mirror listing because it
> JS> innaccessible or out-of-date.  And, in fact, I can't access you mirror
> JS> either.
> JS> If you can fix this and provide a reliable mirror, please resubmit
> JS> mirror using the usual procedures.
> JS> Thanks.
> JS> JOshua.
>    That was due to slow DNS update. Now it seems all ok. Here's the
>    mirrors details, add it to the list of mirrors, please:
>    o URL: http://apache.wildyou.net
>    o Country: Estonia
>    o Email: root@wildyou.net
>    o Updated twice per day
>    o Approx. bandwidth: 100 Mbit
>    o I have followed recommended configuration
>    And logo is here: http://wildyou.net/img/100x34.gif, URL for it:
>    http://wildyou.net.
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Administrator                            mailto:root@dope-brothers.com

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