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From Simon Valiquette <v.si...@ieee.org>
Subject Re: New mirror in Canada
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 23:01:15 GMT

Hello everybody,

  Sorry for beeing a bit slow to answer, but we had a electrical problem
yesterday caused by frozen water pipes which was more urgent to care
than this email.  Anyway, the server always worked normaly because he is
permanently connected on a big UPS and a power generator.

  Also, here pretty much everyone is frosted ;o)  Today is much warmer
at -25 Celcius, while yesterday in Sherbrooke(Quebec) we got -41 C (-55
Celcius if you consider wind).

> On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Erik Abele wrote:
>> On 14.01.2004, at 18:26, Simon Valiquette wrote:
>>> URL of mirror: http://gulus.USherbrooke.ca/pub/appl/apache/
>> As Peter already noted, downloads from outside of Canada are a bit
>> (for me ~200Kb/sec) but I guess this will be better from inside of
>> The rest of the mirror looks fine so I'll include it with the next
>> update. Thanks!

  The server is an official mirror of others applications as well, and
it strongly penalize bandwith outside Canada (I can't understand the
logic of all thoses peoples who connect from Japan or Australia).  Also,
I got a couple of (mostly unsuccesful) DoS/Syn cookies attaks this week
that might have slowed down your speed.

>It's fast for me.  But then again, we're both on CA*Net III, which is a
>VERY fast research network.  It is probably much slower from the
>commercial internet.

  I use elaborated traffic shapping to strongly favorize bandwith on
networks that are the cheapest for us.  Connections from the RISQ and
CA*Net is very cheap for us, so they always get first priority minus a
minimum garanteed bandwith for commecial Internet connection in Canada. 
What left unused by domestic download can be used for connections
outside Canada, and can never go higher than 15mbps outside Canada
(that's what our sponsor for the bandwith is willing to pay).

  If you are outside Canada and happens to found this mirror too slow,
then the message is just to choose a mirror closer to you, or wait the
night in Canada when the mirror is underused.  Makes sense?

  Here the priority order for the bandwith:

2. CA*Net
3. Commercial internet in Québec and Canada
4. Rest of the world (ceilling at 15mbps)

  Ok, thank you for having added our mirror on the list, and happy
weekend to everybody.

Simon Valiquette
Trésorier du Gulus

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