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From "Imri Zvik" <im...@co.zahav.net.il>
Subject FW: apache.kaktos.co.il is fixed.
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 05:50:39 GMT
I take it back. The problem does exist, but only with http. 
Anyway, I've fixed it, and it's working now.

-- Imri Zvik

-----Original Message-----
From: Imri Zvik 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2003 7:20 AM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: RE: apache.kaktos.co.il is fixed.

[falcon@kaktos falcon]$ ncftp apache.kaktos.co.il
NcFTP 3.1.3 (Mar 27, 2002) by Mike Gleason (ncftp@ncftp.com).
Connecting to

Welcome to Kaktos.co.il FTP service.
Logging in...

Please try to use a mirror if at all possible.  There is a complete list
of mirrors available at <http://www.apache.org/mirrors/>, and a script
which will attempt to find those close to you at
Login successful. Have fun.
Sorry, I don't have help.

Logged in to apache.kaktos.co.il.

ncftp / > get perl/mod_perl-1.0-current.tar.gz
mod_perl-1.0-current.tar.gz:                           367.17 kB  500.21
ncftp / > get jakarta/tomcat-4/tomcat-current-src.tar.gz
tomcat-current-src.tar.gz:                               1.70 MB    3.64

I don't see anything wrong. (this test was made without making any
permission changes)

it can't be wrong, as I'm using rsync with -p to preserve permissions,
so unless it had bad permission on the main apache site, it must be,
somehow, a local problem at your side. :)

-- Imri Zvik

-----Original Message-----
From: Erik Abele [mailto:erik@codefaktor.de] 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2003 1:37 AM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: Re: apache.kaktos.co.il is fixed.

On 24/09/2003, at 09:28, Imri Zvik wrote:

> Greetings,
> The apache mirror on apache.kaktos.co.il is now up and running, and
> completely synched with the main apache site. The mirror will update
> once a day, live I've said before, at 6 am (local time, Israel).

Perhaps it's completely synced now but some files are still giving a
403 Forbidden error. Please check your permissions.

I stumbled, for example, over the following files while verifying your
mirror (both ftp & http):

[ERROR] Request of jakarta/tomcat-4/tomcat-current-src.tar.gz failed!
[ERROR] Request of perl/mod_perl-1.0-current.tar.gz failed!
[ERROR] Request of perl/mod_perl-2.0-current.tar.gz failed!
[ERROR] Request of xml/xalan-c/Xalan-C_current-src.tar.gz failed!
[ERROR] Request of xml/xerces-c/xerces-c-current.tar.gz failed!


> - Imri Zvik

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