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From "Imri Zvik" <im...@co.zahav.net.il>
Subject RE: new mirror - apache.kaktos.co.il
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 21:32:57 GMT
Yes, I am aware of that. The ISP that currently hosts the machine is
giving us a hard time with the bandwidth. In the next few weeks, we are
moving the machine to the ISP I work for (Internet Gold inter.net.il),
and there the machine will sit on a 100 mb/s Ethernet network, connected
to 7 155 mb/s STM's. I hope that will solve the bandwidth problem, and
we could update the mirror normally, and on a daily basis, like we've

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From: Erik Abele [mailto:erik@codefaktor.de] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 10:18 PM
To: mirrors@apache.org
Subject: Re: new mirror - apache.kaktos.co.il

On 22/09/2003, at 11:29, Imri Zvik wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am maintaining an apache mirror, at http://apache.kaktos.co.il/ (for
> http access) and ftp://apache.kaktos.co.il/ (for ftp access).
> ...
> And yes, I have followed the recommended configuration for my mirror

Well, at a first glance it looks good, but on further investigation I've
realized that quite a lot of files are giving a 403 Forbidden error; for
example see /jakarta/tomcat-4/ or /xml/xalan-c/ or just /perl/ (http and
ftp). All three directories are denying the access to all the files 
therein. As a result the README/HEADER.html pages are also borked.

If you can fix that up, we can look at adding your mirror.

> I have attached the logo of the hosting site - http://kaktos.co.il/

just as a sidenote: we would prefer that you host the logo on your site
and simply provide us with a URL to it.


> With regards,
> - Imri Zvik
> <kaktos.jpg>

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