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From Cian Davis <dav...@skynet.ie>
Subject Added ftp to apache.csn.ul.ie
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:29:37 GMT
Hi All,
FTP access to our mirror has been started. It's available at 
ftp://ftp.csn.ul.ie/mirrors/apache and http://apache.csn.ul.ie Apologies 
for downtime and slow updates over the last while but we were moving to 
a new server for mirrors.

Is the purpose of the mirrors to purely provide the dist/ directory or 
to provide more of the site as well? We used also rsync apache-site but 
I checked everything on moving over and this conflicts with the 
apache-dist mirror. Is there a way that we can provide more of the 
apache site? I particularily would like to provide all the httpd docs 
locally not only to take some of the load off apache.org but also as our 
University has a habit of blocking external net access for students. By 
having full mirrors of sites, we can offer constant availability of the 
information contained in the mirrors to the students. One reason for 
this is to try and stem the tide of IT students using IIS, ASP and 
Access and looking at me blankly when I ask them why they don't use PHP 
and MySQL under apache! :-)

Cian Davis

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