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From "Ads Administrator" <...@zentek-international.com>
Subject Re: apache.roweboat.net
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:02:12 GMT

> Perhaps we need to be more specific and ask for a minimum 10Mbit pipe
> US mirrors.  (Other countries could probably get by with substantially
> less.)  Any opinions on that?

As a mirror sponsor outside the US, I can say that 10Mbit would depend on
the location. We have a GigE connection within our own country, but
obviously to the US this is not feasible. So I think it would be better to
say (for example) a 5Mbit pipe (or 10Mbps... depending on the country) to
THE LOCAL COUNTRY that the mirror is suppose to represent, rather than the

> As far as the pop-up issue goes, I don't think you are violating any
> particular policy.  But since it has a substantial negative effect on
> user experience, I don't think it is something we are going to permit.
> (It could also be interpreted as a deceptive attempt to piggy-back on
> reputation of apache, but I'm sure you didn't intend it that way.)
> for removing it.

Many sponsors do put a small plug at the bottom of the page, or a banner
(a classy one would be like planetmirror) or something like that. Same
like TUCOWS... they allow sponsors to put a graphic in the corner of each
webpage and have a page crediting the sponsor.

However, I'd agree that creating popups is just plain annoying. Perhaps it
should be made clear on the Apache site that popups are not permitted,
while a short plug and/or banner or small graphic is permitted, within
reason (so someone won't create a full page graphic to get attention)?

Just my 2 cents.

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