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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject Re: New apache.org mirror
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 22:17:16 GMT
On 08/08/2003, at 08:19, Dragan Simic wrote:

> Sure thing, but this is the current configuration:
> <Directory "<directory>">
>     AllowOverride FileInfo Indexes
>     Options Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
>     IndexOptions FancyIndexing NameWidth=* FoldersFirst ScanHTMLTitles 
> DescriptionWidth=*
>     HeaderName HEADER.html
>     ReadmeName README.html
>     Order Allow,Deny
>     Allow from All
> </Directory>

Looks correct but perhaps there is a .htaccess somewhere above the 
rsynced directory? Or another setting in your httpd.conf which also 
affects this directory? I tried several combinations but to reproduce 
the behaviour of your mirror, I had to use the following setup with 1.3:

+ path/to/doc-root
   + .htaccess with AddDescription "HTTP Server project" *
   + mirror-dir
     + ant
     + apr
     + ...

I also verified the mirrored .htaccess files on your host and they are 
completely fine...

As said, this is somewhat confusing and misleading for the users, 
although it doesn't really affect the usefullness of the mirror. I've 
included it now but it would be nice if you could have another look and 
perhaps figure out what is causing this.


> That's the same as the required settings described on
> http://www.apache.org/info/how-to-mirror.html. Apache version is 
> 1.3.28.
> What's wrong with that ?
> Thanks for your time.

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