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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject Re: Send us a link to your logos!
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 17:00:09 GMT
On 29/07/2003, at 05:19, Panagiotis Christias wrote:

> hello,
> logo:   http://www.ntua.gr/images/ntua-banner.gif
> mirror: http://apache.ntua.gr/ , ftp://ftp.ntua.gr/pub/www/Apache/
> link:   http://www.ntua.gr/
> Regards,
> Panagiotis

Please mirror *only* apache-dist; the other rdist repositories should 
not be mirrored.

Could you also please have a look at the recommended configuration at 
http://www.apache.org/info/how-to-mirror.html and follow the 
guidelines? Your Apache configuration is obviously ignoring our 
.htaccess files and therefore your mirror is much less useful to our 

Once the above issues are fixed, I'll be happy to include it. Thanks in 


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