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From Scott Kveton <kve...@oregonstate.edu>
Subject Re: Send us a link to your logos!
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2003 23:22:24 GMT
> One would almost wish for some clever ignore/isolate path which can be
> calculated from the mirror root path - so that one can pick up logo's
> automatically (and while we are at it; a small readme/key-valye pair with
> some metadata, contact email, etc)  _and_ use it as a test to see if the
> mirror is up.

See I just don't think that will work for us ... mainly because of our
school mascot ...

/me got added to spamcop for having http://.../beavers.jpg in a URL

(and probably will again for this email)

Scott Kveton
Network Engineering
Oregon State University
Home of the small little animals that make dams 

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