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From Andreas Wallin <arch...@ftp.sunet.se>
Subject Re: Problems with Apache Software Foundation Mirrors
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:53:51 GMT

http://apache.archive.sunet.se is no loger maintained by
johan.hofvander, all messages regarding this mirror should be sent to
archive@ftp.sunet.se. We will take a look at our apache mirror and fix
it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 22:40, Joshua Slive wrote:
> Hello mirror maintainers,
> This is specifically addressed to the owners of the mirrors listed below,
> but is copied to the mirrors@apache.org mailing list to keep the process
> as open as possible.  Discussion should go to the mirrors@apache.org
> mailing list.
> The following mirrors are not up-to-date and will be deleted if the
> problems continue.  The specific directory that was used to test is
> http://www.apache.org/dist/jakarta/oro/
> Please compare that directory to the corresponding directory on your
> server and fix your mirroring process so that they match.  For
> details, see
> http://www.apache.org/info/how-to-mirror.html
> http://apache.berlios.de/dist/  lutz.henckel@fokus.fhg.de
> http://mirrors.theonlinerecordstore.com/apache/ mitch@theonlinerecordstore.com
> http://ftp.epix.net/apache/dist/        archive@epix.net
> http://apache.rmplc.co.uk/dist/         srainey@rmplc.net
> http://apache.bilkent.edu.tr/dist/      akgul@bilkent.edu.tr
> http://sunsite.uakom.sk/apache/dist/    peter.maruniak@uakom.sk
> http://apache.en.com.sg/        slash@en.com.sg
> http://apache.rinet.ru/dist/            ftp-adm@rinet.ru
> http://www.powertech.no/apache/dist/    oystein@homelien.no
> http://apache.proserve.nl/dist/ peter@proserve.nl
> http://japache.infoscience.co.jp/apache/dist/   miya@infoscience.co.jp
> http://apache.itb.it/dist/      v.moccia@itb.it
> http://xenia.sote.hu/ftp/linux/mirrors/www.apache.org/dist/ torlasz@net.sote.hu
> http://apache.inframatrix.com/  jeremy@inframatrix.com
> The following mirrors are being deleted from the Apache mirror system
> because they are unreachable or otherwise very broken.  If you are the
> owner of one of these mirrors and have fixed it, please let us know so
> that we can restore it.
> http://myapache.i-ownur.info/  ikmal@i-ownur.info
> http://apache.ausgamers.com/    trent@ausgamers.com
> http://apache.interactiveconsulting.com.au/httpd/  mirror@interactiveconsulting.com.au
> http://www2.linuxforum.net/mirror/apache/dist/  mirror@linuxforum.net
> http://apache.eunet.fi/dist/    jaakko.hyvatti@eunet.fi
> http://apache.dp.ua/dist/               invader@tfr.org
> http://apache.archive.sunet.se/dist/    johan.hofvander@sdi.slu.se
> http://apache.iasi.roedu.net/dist/      ftpadmin@iasi.roedu.net
> http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/pub/www/apache/dist/  webmaster@sunsite.icm.edu.pl
> http://apache.mirrorcentral.com/dist/   steve@mirrorcentral.com
> Thanks to all the Apache mirrors!
> Joshua.

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