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From jason andrade <ja...@dstc.edu.au>
Subject RE: Heads up...
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 22:32:22 GMT
On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Andrew Kenna wrote:

> I'm updating my mirror now to include all the new stuff in apache-dist

we're doing that here.  any chance someone can fix these ?

send_files failed to open //faq/maint: Permission denied
send_files failed to open //mail/icalendar-cvs/200103.gz: Permission denied
send_files failed to open //mail/jserv-bugdb/200108: Permission denied

they've been like this for some months now.

> Just a heads-up to all of the mirror maintainers that we're starting
> to see some adoption by the Jakarta and XML ASF projects into placing
> their files in the apache-dist rsync module.  Previously, you may

that's pretty good news.

> have rsynced from jakarta-site or other modules.  We're going to try
> to consolidate what we want our mirrors to offer under the
> apache-dist module.  This should ease the configuration burden on
> mirrors.  (As a point of policy, we're not going to want mirrors of
> the actual websites for the forseeable future.)

this part is a bit of a shame.  in particular one of the most useful
things that used to be mirrored is the documentation.  with the change
in mirroring, all the links then pointed people back to the main
apache site.

informally talking to end users they were of the opinion that since
most things pointed back to the apache site they felt they might as
well download stuff from there too.

> Therefore, you may start to see some large rsync jobs coming your way
> soon as each project moves their files over.  Furthermore, we're

will the jakarta stuff be "release" only or is this going to include
the 5G of nightly builds or whatever the problem was last time ?

> going to be encouraging more use of the mirrors on our web sites.
> This will take some time to complete the transition, but hopefully,
> we're starting to see real progress.


> Our goal is to offload as much of the download traffic as we can to
> your sites.  If this is going to be a problem, let us know and we'll
> remove you from our mirrors listing.  We realize that we haven't been
> efficiently using our mirrors in the past, but we're going to be
> asking more of your sites now.  Of course, we hope you will continue
> to act as official ASF mirrors.  And, thanks for helping us out!

i think the list of mirrors has been revisited, pruned and generally
is looking forward to better use of the resources provided.

thanks for all your efforts justin and the rest of the ASF crew in
working to address the mirroring issues.



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