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From "Andrew Kenna" <andr...@stamina.com.au>
Subject RE: [Fwd: cvs commit: site/docs/mirrors mirrors.list index.html mirrors.check]
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 23:04:25 GMT
We only have 1 major telco in Australia, and due to high bandwidth costs
is the only reason.

mirror.aarnet has been like that for at least 5 years that I know of so
its not like its just recently they have decided this policy.

Check our www.aarnet.edu.au for more info if you want to know the
history behind the site


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From: Karsten W. Rohrbach [mailto:karsten@rohrbach.de]
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To: Andrew Kenna
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Andrew Kenna(andrewk@stamina.com.au)@2002.08.19 09:58:48 +0000:
> the mirror.aarnet web site is current, it carries the 2.0.40 version
of apache
> Its restricted to Aus because of the high bandwidth costs associated
with 1 company having a monopoly on the telco industry. God damn you

how nice of them. why is it this way?

is there some dedicated apache.org box doing the mirror staleness
probes? if yes, why not let this one through and make it policy for the


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