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From "Karsten W. Rohrbach" <kars...@rohrbach.de>
Subject Re: Mirror reorganization
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 22:49:37 GMT
Brian Behlendorf(brian@collab.net)@2002.08.16 20:55:19 +0000:
> > On another note, how are other applications handling this sort of
> > mirroring?  I know for one I use Debian and they actually place a
> > time-stamp on the primary server that is then propagated down to the
> > mirrors.  Your new closer.cgi could easily query this file to see if its out
> > of date or not and get people _the best_ mirror possible ... just a
> > thought.  Automate it and forget it.
> I love this.

# cron script to update mirror source distribution timestamps
# should run on BSD boxen
/bin/date -u "+%s" > ${TSFILE}

this will be propagated to all mirrors when they sync/cvsup, so it
should be updated all 5 minutes or so from cron. if the apache.org box
doing these updates is secure, it might be an interesting feature to
generate a gnupg key for the update job and create a detached signature,
allowing to discover timestamp tampering. :-/ now that's overkill, okay

in turn, it will be very easy, then, to fetch these files from a script
grokking the mirror urls and analysing their staleness. therefor +%s
will display the time relative to UTC (-u) in seconds epoch, which is
easier to grok in scripts, IMVHO.


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