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From Scott Kveton <kve...@oregonstate.edu>
Subject Re: Mirror reorganization
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 20:06:13 GMT
> You bring up a good point. What are the issues behind not wanting to
> mirror the historical distributions?

Bandwidth is cheap and disk is cheaper ... I say keep the old revisions
> As a mirror admin I wouldn't mind mirroring all source/binary
> distributions. As an ASF member I'd like to have our mirrors do whatever
> they can to improve reliability and reduce the bandwidth and hosting
> costs of the apache.org sites.

Agreed.  That is my only goal in being a mirror; help out ASF in
whatever way I can.  I use Apache everyday and feel like I have to give
something back ... this is the best way I know how.

On another note, how are other applications handling this sort of
mirroring?  I know for one I use Debian and they actually place a
time-stamp on the primary server that is then propagated down to the
mirrors.  Your new closer.cgi could easily query this file to see if its out
of date or not and get people _the best_ mirror possible ... just a
thought.  Automate it and forget it.

Although this site is down at the moment,
http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today/ gives a clear picture of who is
up-to-date as of when and they rank them ... I'm not saying you have to
get that crazy about it but if you're reworking things you could easily
do the timestamp ... just a thoguht.
> This brings up another secondary point, which probably deserves a
> post of its own: Would those who have donated mirror resources
> like to have a page that basicly says "thanks to these groups for
> donating their time, bandwidth and machines to our mirror network: ..."?
> I think it would be nice to recognise this contribution. :)

I don't get a pat on the back from any of the other sites I mirror ... no 
reason for you all to start ... :-)  Besides, somebody has to use all of
this idle I2 bandwidth ... might as well be for a good cause ... :-)

Scott :-)

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