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From shimi <sh...@shimi.net>
Subject Re: Mirror Submit
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 18:14:08 GMT

But the whole website is mirrored, no? At least, this what happens on my 
location, and I am running rsync dev.apache.org::apache-site ...

b.t.w. you can do automatic mirror selection using geoip: http://maxmind.com/geoip/

and thanks for the guy on the php.net mirrors list that showed me that 
proggy - i forgot his name :)

On Thu, 23 May 2002, Joshua Slive wrote:

> On Thu, 23 May 2002, Flo Spiegel wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I'd like to submit a Germam Mirror Site placed in Nuenberg.
> > here are the adressses:
> > http://apache.serveftp.org/apache-site
> OK.  I've added the apache-site mirrors.  Unfortunately, we really don't
> have any good way of mirroring the web sites at this point.  We can only
> really provide mirrors of the main software distribution site which is
> available under apache-site.
> Thanks.
> Joshua.


  Best regards,


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    also happens to be a mail reader."

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