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From Joshua Slive <jos...@slive.ca>
Subject Re: cvs commit: site/docs/info how-to-mirror.html
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 14:56:29 GMT
On 22 May 2002 slive@apache.org wrote:

> slive       02/05/22 07:47:38
>   Modified:    docs/info how-to-mirror.html
>   Log:
>   It may look like I'm unilaterally changing policy here, but I believe I'm
>   only documenting the current state of the world.  It hasn't really been
>   possible to properly mirror apache websites in a long time.

I'm not sure how many people pay attention to site-cvs, so I'm forwarding
this along here.  You can see the results at

I'd like to see some buy in from jakarta and xml people with regard to
moving their distribution directories under /www/www.apache.org/dist/
I know this will cause some distruption, but I think it is for the good of
everybody that it be done.


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