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From "Henk P. Penning" <he...@cs.uu.nl>
Subject RE: Problems updating via rsync
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 23:22:24 GMT
On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Andrew Kenna wrote:

> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 08:34:35 +1000 
> From: Andrew Kenna <andrewk@stamina.com.au>
> To: "'mirrors@apache.org'" <mirrors@apache.org>
> Subject: RE: Problems updating via rsync
> Sender: mirrors-return-377-henkp=cs.uu.nl@apache.org
> The tier-1 mirror idea sounds like a good one jason as it would relieve the
> load on the main site at apache and we would i'm sure be able to simplify
> things.

> I do think that the ftp site needs to be just a pure distribution point only
> with no html files. which would simply mean that to mirror the distribution
> files only for a particular project you would reference

> ftp-dist.apache.org:projectname for the actual binaries files
> www-dist.apache.org:projectname for the actual web pages for that project

  I think this is asking for trouble.

  -- The recent jakarta/ stuff is now 'only distributon'.
     On it's completely useless without further guidance.
     The filenames simply don't tell enough.

  -- Having two (ftp/www) versions requires organisation,
     and that is the main thing lacking.

  I would be in favour of a basic framework of directories
  with distributable stuff, where each directory contains
  a html page telling what is what.

  Maybe, maybe you could do something like 
    lynx -dump index.html > README

  out of courtesy to the ftp-only users.
  The first priority, however, should be the web sites.

> Andrew

  My two cents.


  Henk Penning

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