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From "Karsten W. Rohrbach" <kars...@rohrbach.de>
Subject Re: Mirror Problems
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 20:17:48 GMT
Andrew Kenna(andrewk@stamina.com.au)@2001.07.10 08:59:16 +0000:
> Since its obvious that everyone at apache is flat out and doesn't have time
> at the moment to fix up the links on the main apache page so they are based
> on a site by site basis, ie httpd.apache.org. How about someone does up a
> tutorial on how to change the links using mod_rewrite and the guys include
> it on the howto become a mirror page.
> I am not very knowledgeable on mod_rewrite but i'm sure someone out there
> has done something already to fix this annoying problem.
> Thoughts anyone ? 

option 1)
    get rid of the *.apache.org hostnames, thus making apache-site a
    self-contained rsync target (like it was some years ago)

option 2)
    write a howto document and re-engineer dyn-closer.cgi to split up
    the www/dev/httpd hosts _and_ include information on what rsync
    target goes on which host (this may actually be out of discussion
    since several people to not have apache.whatever.com hostnames for
    their mirror)

i would choose option 1 and think about a rewrite/40x handler that
redirects if the corresponding file is not found locally. this improves
performance, since the people get the right documents from the right
server and if
- the object is not there
- the whole hierarchy (/httpd/ for example) is not there
- you apache.org guys _want_ to have a file accessed always from the
  master site
this would be a pretty sensible choice

first the whole distribution model should be reengineered. is somebody
already doing this? should i propose a transition plan?



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