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From Andrew Kenna <andr...@stamina.com.au>
Subject RE: Mirror Scrub Time
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 05:41:00 GMT
Ok no worries, the main purpose behind these emails is to make
administrators aware if there any potentional problems as know people do
more than look after their mirror sites.


-----Original Message-----
From: John Donagher [mailto:john@webmeta.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 3:46 AM
To: 'mirrors@apache.org'
Subject: Re: Mirror Scrub Time

> http://apache.webmeta.com/dist/

Should be taken care of (for now). Please note, that nightly updates were
are continuing to run; however this message was showing up in my logs:

receiving file list ... opendir(bugs): Permission denied
IO error encountered - skipping file deletion
wrote 89 bytes  read 41768 bytes  27904.67 bytes/sec
total size is 579333209  speedup is 13840.77

This was stopping the rsync prematurely. The "bugs" directory is chmod'd to
020, oddly enough. I removed it, ran rsync again, and the directory was
recreated, with the same mode. I had to run rsync with the --exclude "bugs"
argument in order for it to finish correctly. 


On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Andrew Kenna wrote:

> The following mirrors need to be updated
> http://apache.siol.net/dist/
> http://mirrors.partnersforever.net/apache/dist/
> http://xenia.sote.hu/ftp/linux/mirrors/www.apache.org/dist/
> http://apache.webmeta.com/dist/
> The following mirrors come up with an error 404 when I attempt to load
> up
> http://www.flirble.org/apache/dist/
> http://apache.gathered.net/dist/
> http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/pub/apache/dist/
> http://apache.dc.luth.se/dist/ is being removed immediately unless the
> Administrator can explain why he has not mirrored since 19th August, 1999
> The following sites may have some configuration issues the administrators
> need to look into
> http://apache.otenet.gr/dist/httpd/
> http://apache.belnet.be/dist/httpd/
> http://apache.ficnet.net.tw/dist/ - Connection Refused
> http://apache.adgrafix.com/dist/ - Connection Refused


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