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From Devendra Narayan <nara...@cc.kagu.sut.ac.jp>
Subject Re: Apache mirror system - comments
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 08:20:53 GMT

> well, you did ask for comments.  i'm just voicing my views - in particular based
> on what i think might actually produce a workable scaleable mirror system for
> a project.  it's not gospel by any means.

Of course, your views are important ( I hope the Apache group members also
can find time to read these mails. ).

> the apache project at this stage is approximately 600M of disk space.  if you think lack
> of diskspace is an issue, try and deal with the freebsd archive (50G ?) or redhat (80G
> 100G?).

Yes, I agree with you - ( I hadn't considered the actual size of the project when I wrote
my last message ). You are right that we can, probably most of us, set aside a couple of 
Gigabytes for Apache.

And if everyone agrees to this, let the Apache group state the actual sizes ( and
perhaps anticipated sizes ) of the various modules on the 'how to mirror page'
and make the whole archive simpler to mirror. That should solve many of the

I appreciate all the mails that Jason has sent in the past to improve the Apache
mirror system and Andrew's efforts to make things right. Keep up the good work,
Guys ( and gals - if there are any - if not - why not ? ).

Devendra Narayan

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