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From Devendra Narayan <nara...@cc.kagu.sut.ac.jp>
Subject Re: Apache mirror system - comments
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 05:01:13 GMT
jason andrade wrote:

> > 1. Those who have enough disk space to mirror everything that Apache group
> >       has to offer - web documents, distributions, XML-Apache, Jakarta
> >       etc.
> i think these would/should be the only official mirrors for the apache
> project.
> > 2. People like me, who are short on disk space, may just want to mirror the web
> >       documents and one of the dists ( httpd, Jakarta etc. ). So the web docs
> >       module ( apache-site ) shouldn't contain any of the dists which should
> >       all be available separately.
> you should be free to do this, but not expect to be considered an authoritative
> source of apache software.
> > 3. Others, who are even shorter on disk space, may want to mirror just one dist.
> as per above.

	I request you to look at it with more consideration and a historical perspective.
There probably are many sites ( including ours ) which started mirroring NCSA htttpd
and later Apache many years ago ( Apache since it's inception ). Now, these sites
have been 'official' mirror sites for many years. 

	In the meantime, however, Apache group has grown to develop a lot of
things besides the httpd server ( XML, Jakarta etc ). Just because the previously
'official' mirror sites failed to mirror these new projects shouldn't be a reason to
'demote' them from their official status. There could be many reasons why they are
not mirroring the new projects - lack of disk space, user interest etc.

	Yes, if the facilities that they have permit, they should mirror the whole thing
but, those that have supported the distribution of the Apache httpd for so long, shouldn't
be punished for not being able to keep up with the rapid expansion of the Apache group's

	What is the opinion of others on this ?

Devendra Narayan
Senior Engineer, Information Systems Division,
Science University of Tokyo.

"Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer."

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