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From Devendra Narayan <nara...@cc.kagu.sut.ac.jp>
Subject Apache mirror system - comments
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 03:55:02 GMT

	With all these discussions about Apache mirrors, I just have this to
say :
	We can guess that there would be many types of mirror sites :

1. Those who have enough disk space to mirror everything that Apache group
   	has to offer - web documents, distributions, XML-Apache, Jakarta

2. People like me, who are short on disk space, may just want to mirror the web
	documents and one of the dists ( httpd, Jakarta etc. ). So the web docs
	module ( apache-site ) shouldn't contain any of the dists which should
	all be available separately.

3. Others, who are even shorter on disk space, may want to mirror just one dist.
....   Possible other types of mirror sites

Wouldn't it be great if most/all such mirror administrators could be satisfied ? Let's just
a system ( using rsync ) where most/all the above needs can be satisfied and provide
easy to use instructions for the mirror admins. In any case, all the packages/ modules
offered for mirroring should be self contained ( with relative URLs / pointers etc. ).

Comments or suggestions, please ?

One question - how to instruct rsync to ignore a local file/dir/link when mirroring ?

Devendra Narayan
Senior Engineer, Information Systems Division,
Science University of Tokyo,

"When it comes to thought, some people stop at nothing."

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