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From Devendra Narayan <nara...@cc.kagu.sut.ac.jp>
Subject Re: /dist URL
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 03:02:50 GMT
Andrew Kenna wrote:
> I haven't mirrored the apache site for a couple of months due to bandwidth
> problems but i'm only going under the assumption that the /dist/ is part of
> the apache-site rsync module
> Am I right in assuming this or am I way off the mark anyone ?
> Please note I am not a member of the apache group, just someone who
> maintains the mirror list and points out possible problems with sites to
> their administrators.

Yes, it is. But, in cases, like ours, where we provide both http and ftp data
it would be a waste to copy the dist twice ( once from apache-site and
once from apache-dist ). Thus, for pure ftp users, we only provide the
data mirrored from the apache-dist module. And I exclude dist when
mirroring the apache-site module.

In any case, the inconsistency in the URLs displayed ( and real ) on the
Apache mirrors page still remains !!

Yes, I do know that you are not a member of Apache group - but wish
you were - perhaps that would make it more 'active'  :-)

Devendra Narayan
Senior Engineer, Information Systems Division,
Science University of Tokyo,

"Treat each day as your last, one day you will be right."

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