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From jason andrade <ja...@dstc.edu.au>
Subject apache.org broken - i understand what the .dk guy was talking about
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 02:47:11 GMT

ok.  i understand what's happened now.

apache.org is truly broken for mirror sites.. the file that used to
be httpd.apache.org has disappeared (and all the contents?)

so previously where i could just redirect apache.org's references
to a local httpd.html, this no longer exists.

can someone in the apache group explain this.  was this done on
purpose to break mirror sites that are redirecting users to a
local mirror ?

i also notice a DELETE_ME directory has appeared in the apache

i guess i'm at least reaching the point at which frustation is
starting to get a bit much.  is this a clear signal from the
apache group that the mirror project has ended, without wanting
to tell anyone this ?

i'm pretty sure i'm on the mirror list.. i didn't think it'd
be too hard to send a mail out telling people to discontinue


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