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From Dmitry Morozovsky <ma...@rinet.ru>
Subject Re: [qmirror] minimal Apache requirements for current Apache mirror
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 12:25:48 GMT
On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, jason andrade wrote:

ja> > what are the requirements with the version and settings of Apache for
ja> > holding Apache mirror? I've got at least one error now: selecting docs
ja> > does not autoselect languageed index and lead me to ftp-like directory
ja> > index.
ja> you need to have SSI - server side includes.
ja> you need to make sure you actually turn it on in that virtual server.
ja> have a look at options and make sure you have IncludesNoExec

Oh I forgot to mention already installed options. They are:

Options +IncludesNoEXEC
<Directory /*/apache.org>
Options +Indexes
AllowOverride All

BTW, SSIs *are* working. What actually does not work is language

ja> > ... also, link to Apache Server at the first page still pointing to
ja> > httpd.apache.org, not to the httpd.html in the local tree... :(
ja> i currently use perl to rewrite this after a mirror.  i am thinking
ja> of playing with either RedirectPermanent or actually using the rewrite
ja> module to look for URLs like that and re-map them into my space.

It's for sure not the work neither for Redirect nor for Rewrite -- as
client's browser send request to master server ;-)

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