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From Dave Cochran <webmas...@PARTNERSFOREVER.NET>
Subject Re: Suggestion for Mirror Site
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:00:13 GMT

    I can't say i completely agree with you there...I still have uses for some
of the older versions and use them frequently in certain situations. For
examples production boxes running older linux distro's that will not properly
compile the newer versions of apache properly with certain modules, its easier
to revert to an older version of apache than to try to figure out what
dependancies may be missing or broken for newer versions.

The day MicroSoft has a product that doesn't suck....they'll make vacuum
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Andrew Kenna wrote:

> How about we remove the old directories from the server as i'm sure people
> do not want to be downloading old versions of apache..
> Is Everyone in agreement with my comments ? I'm sure it will save on volume
> for those new people who want to start mirroring apache..
> Regards
> Andrew

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