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From Gorm Jorgensen <G...@Area51.DK>
Subject Re: Useless mirroring of www.apache.org ?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 07:40:39 GMT
> > Am I the only one who thinks that mirroring www.apache.org is useless ?
> > Why do you ask ?
> > 
> Try clicking in one of the links that points to your own webserver(in 
> the mirror of course), and then
> click the Apache Server, u must be redirected to your own mirror, not to 
> httpd.apache.org, that happens
> only when u click Apache Server from the Mirror Home... try it... i was 
> thinking the same a few days ago
> but now i'm realizing that isn't like that... try it...
I have browsed the entire tree and the referrers it to a local httpd.html
and it's not there anymore. It was the local version of the index of

Gorm Jorgensen - UB++++

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