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From Gorm Jorgensen <G...@Area51.DK>
Subject Useless mirroring of www.apache.org ?
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 20:40:24 GMT
Hi Folks.

Am I the only one who thinks that mirroring www.apache.org is useless ?
Why do you ask ?

I have been mirroring apache for quite some time, but since someone changed
the layout of www.apache.org I think my mirror is useless.

When entering the site http://apache.area51.dk/ you will see "The Apache
Software Foundation" homepage, then click on the link to "Apache Server"
and you are sent to http://httpd.apache.org/ !!

Why that ??? - the point of mirroring is to offload the main server, and 
now we are sending all people to the main server again.

Is that ment to be ?, or will it change ?? If it don't then I'll stop 
mirroring, and save about 430.990MB diskspace. People are downloading from 
the main server anyway.

PS: Apache is a damn good web server, please make the mirrors the same :)

Gorm Jorgensen - UB++++

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