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From Sala Massimiliano <s...@posso.dm.unipi.it>
Subject Add mirror
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 15:52:59 GMT
Dear Sirs,

we have asked some months ago to become a mirror, as we are fast connected to
the italian research network (which include all universities).
After a long period of uncertainess (proved by dozens of mails from the
mailing list), it seems that apache people have found the way to do it
efficiently, so we feel free to ask again to appear in your mirrors list.
We remark that in all this period we have continued our (unofficial) mirroring.
Here are the data:

URL         -->        http://apache.phc.unipi.it

CONTACT-->        sala@phc.unipi.it

Go on with the good job!

Best regards

                             Massimiliano Sala
     (member of the PHC security research team at the University of Pisa)

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