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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@apache.org>
Subject steps towards better mirroring
Date Sun, 14 Jan 2001 02:10:06 GMT

Hi folks.  It may not seem like it, but the apache.org developers are
fairly aware that we've busted mirroring in a bad way with our split into
vhosts.  Fixing that completely (moving all content to be under a single
mirrorable www.apache.org) is still being discussed, with some good
reasons not to do it (namely, that there may be publishing processes that
are incompatible with that, or that there may be content/builds/etc that
asking the mirror sites to take would be too much).  

While that's being discussed, what's not as controversial is the idea of
focusing for the time being http://www.apache.org/dist/, and especially to
make it non-project-specific and non-httpd-specific.  We'd thus be
rearranging it to look something like


where under dist each project's codebases would have their own
subdirectory (e.g. /dist/xerces/), into which anything specific to that
codebase could be placed.  The only further standard beyond that would be
that platform-specific binaries would be in a subdir called
"binaries" that would contain subdirs for each platform the codebase has
been compiled for.  Java .jar files, since they're not platform-specific
(in theory, heh) would be in the top file.

One alternative that's been proposed is /dist/project/codebase/,
i.e. /dist/xml/xerces/ instead of just /dist/xerces/.  I prefer a flatter
namespace for aesthetic reasons, but someone suggested that architecting
it this way allowed for someone to selectively mirror by project.  Speak
up now if you think sorting by project would be preferable.

Care would be taken to make sure that only the most recent versions of any
particular branch of the code line would be there, as well as only the
most recent binary builds.  E.g, today, under /dist/httpd-2.0/, we'd have
apache-2.0a9, and *perhaps* 2.0a8, but older ones would be shuffled off to
httpd.apache.org/dist/ and perhaps further under a /dist/old or something.  
This is to try and keep low the total amount of disk space needed to
mirror the apache.org distributables.

Thoughts?  Comments?  If we get a positive indication from this list, I'll
proceed to create the appropriate dirs and contact the codebase owners to
make the move.  


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