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From "Haydn Huang" <ha...@dotsino.com>
Subject submit the mirror site in China
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 09:04:55 GMT
Dear webmaster,

Sorry to bother you, I can't receive the reply from mirror-submit@apache.org , I have affixed
the error message report from your mail server to this mail . I hope you can  forward the
mail below to the right person.
 with much thanks!
below is my mirror-submit letter sent to the email address:  mirror-submit@apache.org 

  I'm glad to tell you that we have established a mirror site of  www.apache.org  under the
domain of www.apache.org.cn .
 Pls have this Apache mirror site listed on the Apache main web site. :-)
  I have subscribed to the mailing list for mirror maintainers.
            enabled server-side includes;
            set the configuration documentIndex.html

    More over, under the precondition that you agree , we would like translate the contents
of the mirror site into Chinese language,  so that more Chinese people can benefit from your
software products , and have their questions and ideas discussed.

We started to mirror the site at 4:35 PM 9/24/2000, and we will runs wget to upgrade the contents
as a CRON job at 4:00 pm twice a week since now. 

We have used GNU wget 1.5.3, a non-interactive network retriever, to mirror your site. 
This program can : 
downloads only the new/modified files 
removes all files that no longer exist on the primary server. 

What we have mirrored: the complete site
Apache web site: www.apache.org  's mirror  (including the "dist" subdirectory) under the
domain www.apache.org.cn    

Location of the mirror:  Beijing /China

with Much thanks and Best wish

sincerely yours ,
Haydn Huang


Beijing Orient Rich Technology Co., Ltd. 
Address:         Room 1516,
Peking University Resource Hotel,
No.1, Road Yiheyuan,
 District Haidian,
 Beijing, China
Phone:  086 010 62750862

Brief Introduction of us
    Our company is dedicated to the spreading and promotion of free software in China. And
we also join the development of the free software projects through international cooperation.
We have strong belief in the spirit of Free Software Movement. We not only follow the rule
of Free software society, but also devote ourselves to the development of Free Software Movement
in China. We provide our customers the best network solutions based on free software and professional
technical support services, and have achieved close ties with a great number of free software
amateurs in our country. 

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