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From Chase Phillips <shep...@ameth.org>
Subject Re: error during rsync - web page
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 22:08:52 GMT
>   says: You might want to call it, ..., for example
>     rsync -rtvz --delete --exclude incoming \
>       dev.apache.org::apache-site /local/path/to/mirror
>   I took it as a recommandation.
>   Maybe the example should say: rsync -avz ... ...

rsync's man page states that -a breaks down into -rlptg, which can be
unsafe without some additional flags.  unsafe of course only if the
sender's machine has been compromised.  Without knowing rsync's default
behaviour, I do endorse changing the recommended flags to allow for
symlinks; perhaps to:

  rsync -rtvzl --delete --safe-links --exclude incoming \
       dev.apache.org::apache-site /local/path/to/mirror

if -a is endorsed, maybe a quick note about the presence of security
issues could be stated for those new to rsync?

>     receiving file list ... opendir(bugs/shadow): Permission denied
>     done
>     IO error encountered - skipping file deletion
>   Note the 'IO error - skipping file deletion'.
>   I never see one without the other, so they could be related.
>   I think 'skipping file deletion' is to be avoided.

referring to rsync's man page, i see that once an IO error is encountered
on the sending side, deletion is turned off at the receiving side for the
rest of that session.  is there a problem at dev.apache.org with a part of
the filesystem?  if not, of what is this symptomatic?

fyi, i run rsync as:
> /usr/local/bin/rsync -rltvzp --delete --safe-links --exclude incoming \
>  dev.apache.org::apache-site /ftp/pub/mirrors/ftp.apache.org

the end of an rsync run earlier today gave:
> wrote 13583 bytes  read 29446 bytes  3442.32 bytes/sec
> total size is 360113950  speedup is 8369.10

i'd love for the IO error to be a non-issue, but some deeper problem may
be waiting to be discovered.  could someone at dev.apache.org check this 
one out more thoroughly?

thanks for your time,
Chase Phillips
  shepard at ameth.org ][ 01110010011000010110011101100101
 http://www.ameth.org/ ][ 11001110100101100111100100110001

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