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From Costas Tavernarakis <ta...@otenet.gr>
Subject Re: error during rsync - web page
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 09:26:18 GMT
On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 05:08:52PM -0500, Chase Phillips wrote:
> rsync's man page states that -a breaks down into -rlptg, which can be
> unsafe without some additional flags.  unsafe of course only if the
> sender's machine has been compromised.  Without knowing rsync's default
> behaviour, I do endorse changing the recommended flags to allow for
> symlinks; perhaps to:
>   rsync -rtvzl --delete --safe-links --exclude incoming \
>        dev.apache.org::apache-site /local/path/to/mirror

Well, the -p part of the -a expansion, is at least unnecessary for most
sites, and having a smaller command line is not a good enough reason to
promote its use IMHO.

Otherwise, the command line for most sites should most propably be
rsync -rtvzlHS --delete --safe-links --exclude /incoming \
     dev.apache.org::apache-site/ /local/path/to/mirror

The -S is "no-harm" and may prove useful in a "just in case" way,
if a "core" file gets dropped somewhere in the tree.

The -H would help preserve hard links if they exist.
In the long run, the site could change the few soft links it
has to hard ones. That way, mirror sites could have some
improved security, since they wouldn't need the
"SymLinksIfOwnerMatch" Option in the Directory section
of httpd.conf.

I wonder, though, if -z does anything more than increase the
CPU utilization on both the sending and the receiving sides..

> >     receiving file list ... opendir(bugs/shadow): Permission denied
> >     done
> >     IO error encountered - skipping file deletion
> > 
> >   Note the 'IO error - skipping file deletion'.
> > 
> referring to rsync's man page, i see that once an IO error is encountered
> on the sending side, deletion is turned off at the receiving side for the
> rest of that session.  is there a problem at dev.apache.org with a part of
> the filesystem?  if not, of what is this symptomatic?

The I/O error IS the "permission denied" error on bugs/shadow .
I've had to exclude this path to get my mirror working right.

Costas Tavernarakis
apache.otenet.gr admin

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