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From John <webmas...@glock.missouri.edu>
Subject Re: Mirroring of virtual host of apache.org (was: RE: mod Perl sourcemissing???)
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 19:13:27 GMT
David Kirchner wrote:

> Personally, I'd like to go ahead and mirror perl/xml/etc as directories
> off of the main apache mirror (in my case, http://apache.nwserv.com/) as
> we were doing before, rather than set up more virtual host entries. What
> does everyone else plan to do?
> Right now I am using rsync to mirror apache-site off of dev.apache.org -
> are there plans to add xml and perl and etc to rsync?

My suggestion would be to allow separate rsync entries to download the additional
sections, with maybe an "all" entry possible.  While this would be a bit of a pain
to set up initially (for the maintainers, and to a small degree the mirrors), it
does allow for flexibility in "what a mirror wants to download" . . . just a

  Best, John.

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