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From Wojtek Sylwestrzak <W.Sylwestr...@icm.edu.pl>
Subject Re: rsync
Date Sat, 26 Sep 1998 14:13:21 GMT
> I've noticed a marked slowness in transfer rates after switching to rsync
> (from ftp) for mirroring purposes.
> Our script (which runs the rsync line taken from the mirroring page at
> apache.org and then does some minor local adjustments such as moving things
> from tmp to the ftp area, etc.) begins to run at around 3:30/4am and often
> does not finish until late afternoon.
> using ftp under these same circumstances (time, script, etc.) was much
> quicker and took under an hour or two.
> i recall some mention of disallowing ftp for mirroring. this is a concern
> of mine as i feel as though rsync may be causing more bandwidth usage
> problems (given that it is running during business hours/busier traffic
> hours) than it is worth.
> i would appreciate some thoughts on this.
> has anyone else expressed any feelings corroberating my above statements?
> thanks much,
> .april

I'm moving from FTP to rsync wherever I can, even on binary files,
because rsync mirrors run considerably faster for me.

are you using some weird options that slow down your rsync ?


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