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From april levin <ap...@raver.net>
Subject rsync
Date Sat, 26 Sep 1998 02:37:14 GMT
I've noticed a marked slowness in transfer rates after switching to rsync
(from ftp) for mirroring purposes.

Our script (which runs the rsync line taken from the mirroring page at
apache.org and then does some minor local adjustments such as moving things
from tmp to the ftp area, etc.) begins to run at around 3:30/4am and often
does not finish until late afternoon.

using ftp under these same circumstances (time, script, etc.) was much
quicker and took under an hour or two.

i recall some mention of disallowing ftp for mirroring. this is a concern
of mine as i feel as though rsync may be causing more bandwidth usage
problems (given that it is running during business hours/busier traffic
hours) than it is worth.

i would appreciate some thoughts on this.
has anyone else expressed any feelings corroberating my above statements?

thanks much,

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